Solar Command Commercial Application

Increased awareness of energy use due to rising electricity prices and the rise in solar systems has created customer demand for greater visibility and control. AGL is one of the major Australian utilities behind the pace in the global energy shift to the internet of things (IoT), as well as, on the consumer shift to solar and storage. They have made all their solar systems that are installed, IoT-enabled for energy monitoring purposes to provide their customers more access to information to enable them to be in more control of their energy needs. 

AGL launched Solar Command an application that provides customers information about how well their solar system is performing. The application automatically monitors a solar system production with the use of patented algorithms to identify how much energy it should be producing. It allows solar customers to monitor the performance of their rooftop PV panels and view in real-time analytics about the performance and efficiency of a solar system. The application also detects system problems, identifies the specific cause and alerts with details on what is needed for you to fix the issue. Features such as payment of bills, viewing of billing information to help make projections of future bills to help avoid bill surprises are also included. My role in this project was to art direct, provide ux and ui design of the Solar Command web application for business customers, customers with multiple or larger solar systems installed. The current designs are initial concepts of the business application.

Role: Digital Art Direction for the Solar Command Business Application | UX and UI Design

Agency: CHE Proximity