MLC - Let's Save Retirement


‘Let’s Save Retirement’ campaign was a campaign aimed at encouraging Australians to get proactive about preserving their retirement while retaining the choice of working into old age. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and MLC teamed up to try and save retirement from extinction by using real-life retirees in a world-first interactive exhibition at the Australian Museum. The Australian Museum exhibition featured live-action dioramas showing that retirees are becoming critically endangered species. The exhibition was live streamed on a virtual museum scrollable microsite viewable on multiple platforms such as desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The multi-platform microsite exhibited information and advice about helping grow, maximize and protect retirement savings. 

Role: Digital Art Direction      Agency: Clemenger BBDO - The campaign was also backed by TVC, print and outdoor executions. 


The TVC features retirees enjoying their retirement only for it to be revealed that they are part of an exhibition at a museum in “The Retirement Period” which an older man and his grandson are visiting, with the grandfather having to explain what retirement is.

Live action diaramas

Interactive exhibit at the Australian Museum – a live-action, life-sized diorama dramatising that retirement could become a thing of the past and retirees an endangered species.




Landing Page

The intro page gives the user instructions to scroll and features the campaign title. On scrolling, the user is elegantly transitioned into the opening screen of the immersive Virtual musem experience. 


Scrolling Museum

The virtual museum has scrollable functionality which provides the perception of depth and immersion as the user scrolls through the museum. Objects within the museum appear 3d as their positions change just as you scroll through. This rich experience and scrollable functionality features on desktop and tablet.


Initially, a live feed of the activation was displayed on the virtual museum.  The live feed streamed during opening hours of the museum activation.


Objects perspectives change as the user scrolls through the museum giving a feeling of depth. A great deal of meticulous photoshopping and retouching was made to provide as much realism to the objects. Digital videos were embedded into the immersive experience with hotspot buttons over the top. The videos feature a “play” button that, when clicked, activate an action from the actor in the video.  When the hotspots are clicked, they display information about specific items inside the video.



The museum features an insight or action/product that relates to the proceeding proof point. Clicking on the action/product CTA creates a lightbox over the screen with information about that product, and a further CTA that will link users through to the website. Also, when users reach the end of the immersive experience, they will transition back into vertical scrolling through the outro section of the site which feature social functions.



Where possible, the functionality of the desktop site was replicated however, the mobile site scrolls vertically through all content and information.