About CC Creative

Christine Calo Creative - Digital Art Director

Digital technology is a ubiquitous part of our lives and it’s ever growing, evolving and shaping our future. I’m truly excited to be a part of the digital industry and I’m passionate about designing great digital products and solutions. I’m a Digital Art Director who endeavors to solve problems through good design and I work to optimise interactive user experiences across a spectrum of different media such as multi-platform web applications, games and campaigns. 

I strive for the highest quality and believe in a more collaborative approach (especially between design and development teams). This leads to the agility to innovate and to create truly great products. I conceptualise and generate ideas for digital campaigns and believe the thought and idea behind a campaign is extremely powerful; as it can inspire, engage and resonate with people. I’m not just an Art Director that is conceptual, I genuinely understand what is involved in the execution of a digital product, as I love playing a role in the meticulous crafting of a product or solution. 


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Where else you can find me

I love the digital space and immerse myself in it by reading and writing about it, as well as, creating in it. You can find me on any of the following places:

Morning Train Reads

Material I read while on the train.


Articles I write.

Selected Snaps

A collection of photos taken during my travels.

Typography & Illustraton

Typography and Illustration work I create.

More Work & Inspiration

Additional design work and creative inspiration I find.

Random Ramblings

A personal blog which contains mostly boring book reviews I write.


Want to say hi, you can email me on calo.christine@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.


Awards & Contributions

Judge for the 21st Annual AIMIA Awards 12th Mar 2015
My story on Japan & photo narrative featured on 'Exposure - Featured Stories' - January 27th 2015
Creatitivity Editors Pick 2014
Shortlisted, Cannes Outdoor 2014
Best integrated campaign, MAXX Awards
Best PR campaign, MAXX Awards
B&T Awards: Content Marketing Strategy
ADMA: Gold – Best Microsite
ONE Show: Merit
Facebook Awards: Silver
Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards (FAME): 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze
New York Festival: 2 x Finalists
Adnews: Finalist: Campaign of the year
Behance Web Design Served November 6th 2014 Featured
New York Design Blog - Artful Club - August 31st 2014 Featured Interview
From up North - High Quality Design Inspiration - July 7th 2014 Featured
Behance App Design Served July 3rd 2014 Featured
Adweek Talent Gallery July 2nd 2014 Featured
BeType 27th July 2014 Featured
Typostrate 2nd July 2014 Featured
Cannes Lions - 4 x Bronze Lions June 2014 - RCT
Cannes Mobile Lions - Bronze Lion June 2014 - Video Stamp
Finalist D&AD awards Innovative Media 2014
R/GA Advertising in the Digital Age June 19th 2014 Featured
Judge for the 20th Annual AIMIA Awards 3rd Apr 2014
Top Web Designers List April 10th 2014
Serial Thriller May 30th 2014 Featured
Spoon Graphics UK March 17th 2014 Featured
14 Theories 2014 Featured
AMES Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Awards 2014:
- Silver - Digital Strategy - RCT - Travel, Entertainment, Leisure & Retail
- Bronze - Digital Strategy - RCT - Digital Innovation
- Silver - Media Strategy - RCT - Travel, Entertainment, Leisure & Retail
- Bronze - Media Strategy - RCT - Integrated Use of Media
- Bronze - Media Strategy - RCT - Small Budget Media Campaign
- Bronze - Media Strategy - RCT - Media Strategy for National Brand Development
- Silver - Digital Strategy - Footify FM - Financial Services, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services
- Bronze - Digital Strategy - Footify FM - Integrated Campaign
- Bronze - Media Strategy - Footify FM - Sponsorship and Event Marketing
- Silver - Digital Strategy - Video Stamp - Financial Services, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services 
- Bronze - Digital Strategy - Video Stamp - Mobile (including Apps)
One Show best branded social finalist 2014
One Show best integrated led by social finalist 2014
Facebook Studio Awards silver 2014
35th AWARD Awards 2014:
- Silver - Best integrated campaign 
- Silver - Best online promotion silver
- Bronze - Best use of social media bronze
Winner of IAB Australia’s Creative Showcase 8.3 Dec 11th 2013
FWA Site of the Day Nov 16th 2013
Athenna October 18th 2013 Featured 
CSS Design awards 13th Oct 2013
35th AWARD Awards - Digital category 2013
- Bronze - Website - Business to Consumer
- Silver - Digital Campaign - Business to Consumer
- Bronze - Online/Shared Filme - over 3 mins
- Silver - Social Media
- Bronze - Digital Design Craft
Apple iTunes App store - Marbelous Game App - First position What's Hot December 8th 2013 Featured
Apple iTunes App store - Marbelous Game App - Top 10 under Games/Puzzles category December 8th 2013 Featured
From up North - High Quality Design Inspiration - October 19th 2013 Featured
Serial Thriller October 10th 2013 Featured
Behance Web Design Served July 18th 2013 Featured
Adweek Talent Gallery June 23rd 2013 Featured
Serial Thriller May 16th 2013 Featured
Adweek Talent Gallery May 3rd 2013 Project & Profile Feature
FWA Mobile of the Day April 19th 2013
Winner of 2013 34th annual AWARD Award Mobile category (Bronze Medal)
Finalist for 2013 Best Cross-Platform AIMIA award
Finalist for 2013 Best Publisher AIMIA award
Behance Web Design Served July 21st 2012 Featured
Finalist for 2011 Qantm Create Design Award
Winner of 2011 Melbourne Advertising and Design Club (MADC) Award
Winner of 2011 ADMA Award